About Nitrogen


About Nitrogen

You breathe in more nitrogen each day than you do oxygen. The air is made up of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. The other 1% is argon for the science buffs.

  • It is non-flammable
  • It is flavorless
  • It is odorless
  • It is very cold

So how does it work?

Liquid nitrogen has a boiling temperature of -321 F and that is why it exists as a gas in our atmosphere. When you pour it out at room temperature the liquid form of nitrogen begins to warm up and boil creating *smoke*. There is a heat transference that occurs and causes any item it makes contact with to freeze! Thus the inspiration for our business name, The Freezing Point.

Is it safe to work with?

It is not toxic in any way, but it is very cold so our Nitrogen Baristas wear stylish safety gear including aprons and closed toe shoes.

We also prefer to work in large, open areas to keep the ratio of nitrogen and oxygen in correct balance.


About Owner

About Owner

I’m the founder of The Freezing Point LLC an award-winning liquid nitrogen drink and dessert company based in Houston, Texas. Along with my incredible team of Nitrogen Baristas, we have served over 40,000 scoops of ice cream and cocktails at countless events all around the state.

Since college, I’ve been in the event and catering industry, decorating and serving cupcakes, as well as planning large-scale events for organizations. I have been researching, developing, and perfecting our unique nitrogen concept for almost a decade. Since April 2015 we’ve been serving the Greater Houston community, winning multiple awards: 

•    2016 Best Dessert, Houston Icon Awards
•    2016 Best Social Event Planning, Houston Icon Awards
•    2016 Best Spiked Ice Cream, People’s Choice Spiked by the Scoop

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing intimate heartfelt wedding ceremonies, crowds of party goers, and everything in between. I can genuinely say that I feel honored that each of our clients have entrusted a memorable, fun, and professional evening to me and my team.

Details and quality matter, so it is my personal mission to make sure that every event is carefully customized to your requests. I am certain that my wonderful product and engaging team will elevate your next event!

Of course, I had some help getting here. I’m a proud member of the International Live Events Association (ILEA). I would also like to thank my husband, friends, family, and Nitrogen Baristas for their help in making The Freezing Point the success it is today.



The scoop

  • Native Houstonian

  • Longhorn, BS Mathematics & BBA Finance

  • Three years at NASA & four years in Oil & Gas

  • Thespian, love theatre and improv

  • The best vacations require hiking boots

  • Love my adorable tripod kitty, Lady

  • Love my lumpy headed pup, Mr. Sanders