One of Houston's Best Apartment Community Events

Living in a luxury apartment definitely has its perks; one of which is that the staff puts value in appreciating their community. Since The Freezing Point's launch, we’ve been asked to attend many monthly residential community events. From pool side ice cream parties to October holiday celebrations, we add that special flair many companies are looking for.

There was one event we had to share. 7 Riverway, a highrise located in the Galleria area were hosting a Valentines community event, and they decided to make it spectacular in every way.

A Valentines Celebration Checklist

  • Music – Check. They brought in this amazing harpist! Yes, a harpist
  • Sweets – Check. They stacked the room filled with delicious chocolate covered strawberries. Sprinkled with candies.
  • Flowers – Check. With a fun twist! They nitro-shattered edible flowers for their cocktail menu!

Nitro-shattered flowers? Yes, we can do that! Fresh edible flowers, bright in color to decorate your NitroBar, with flowers frozen and crushed into powder right in front of guests. We used it as a fun floral topping to our Rose Spritzer.

We worked with Laura, the Concierge Director, to pick out the perfect menu. With Bombay Sapphire (featuring nitro-shattered raspberries) and Absolute Vodka (for our Smoking Cosmo) we knew we were in for a fun event! And indeed it was; up to 60 residents came down to socialize with their neighbors. When it was time to close the NitroBar, a group of about 15 residents stayed to continue their lively conversations. The party was a hit! 

7 Riverway really did take the time to make sure their residents would have a great time. We are so glad they reached out to us, and enjoyed being part of what turned out to be a successful community event.

I'm Carolyn, the Chief Creations Officer for The Freezing Point!

I'm Carolyn, the Chief Creations Officer for The Freezing Point!

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