October! looking for Spooky fun?

Nitrogen ice cream is a sure bet when it comes to entertainment! Impress your guests with nitrogen smoke billowing across your dessert table, themed with custom Halloween flavors like candy corn and dirt pudding ice cream.

Haven't heard of The Freezing Point just yet? No worries! Watch our video to get a taste!

office party or evening event,

we're all about making memorable experiences

yelp gives us 5 stars

Caterers hardly receive yelp reviews. It's the nature of the business; we don't have a storefront, so yelpers forget to review. 

At The Freezing Point, we've served THOUSANDS of happy customers and have 7 reviews. Believe it or not, that's better than most. And the best part is they are all 5 Stars!

PRICE estimate & booking your private tasting

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No worries if you don't have an exact date just yet. But do let us know if you think it will be a certain week, day, etc.

what's next?

We're excited for you to try what it is we do! The first step is to give you a price estimate. We realize this is definitely a key factor in budgeting for any size event!

Then, we will work with you to book your private tasting with us! We expect most of our tastings to take place late-September through early-October. Our catering space is conveniently located right in the middle of the heart of Houston!

At this time, we can only accommodate a select number of tastings, and are reserving these spots for those who have functions of over 200 guests planning to attend.

contact info - PRIVACY

Just in case your curious what we do with your name/email information... Well to be honest not too much, because we aren't adding you to any sort of list-serve, and we definitely aren't selling your information to third parties. We (Carolyn & Hillary) just use it to personally follow up about our nitrogen ice cream packages, and to see if you have any questions. We're just a small business looking to find amazing clients through a facebook advertisement.